Trying to Be a lady, but I'm really just a fat boy!

Yes, this is a very very lame picture :s but i kind of like it......

This is me trying to be a lady :/ Did I do a good enough job? naaaa, dont think so, but this is the best I could do....sorry :/ These days I've been feeling like a fat homeless boy who is obsessed with skittles.....

Half term this week!!!!!! Can't wait to go home.... boarding house sucks especially when its in such a remote village - WEM!! yes, that's the name of the village :( Not like I have anything particularly fun planned in London, but only time will tell. For now its one night out partying with friends, the rest of it, family, revision and shopping time..... Oh, and how could I forget, FOOD!! (anyone who knows me knows that nothing can come between food and I)

And now I'm ranting because I have nothing better to do.... Actually I do..... I'm a year 13 student.

             Thanks a lot for the comments :) they really do make me elated.....

                                     Pictures courtesy of P again.... What shall I do without her!!!


  1. great outfit! love this vibrant colour!!!

    thank you for passing by and leaving your sweet comment! i'm happy you liked my blog! remember you can keep in touch with my blog via bloglovin or facebook!

    xoxo from rome

  2. Fat boy SLIM..LOL...

  3. heyy...i love your outfit..psst *whispering* where's the top from?

  4. Its vintage darling... Thanks :)

  5. I love the tights! I need to add some fun tights like that to my fall wardrobe. Anyways, I just came across your blog and you have a great space here! you can check out my new blog at


  6. Pretty outfit and the tights definitely add something different :) x


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