I feel a little bit like Eve. :D

Today was cold, but sunny...... which is how I like it considering the fact that I could dig into my winter wardrobe, but still take pictures in the sun(everyone looks better in the sun)
I wish it could remain like this........
I had so many nice pictures taken today, but I tried really hard to keep to my picture limit so I deleted them :(

When I look at these pictures, I don't actually see myself, I just see the Environment God has Given to me.....I can only be thankful....

You know what I'M off to do.... :)


  1. im completely obsessed with your blog! you are seriously making me reconsider my relantionship with color and wish i was brunette! that 3rd photo is unbelievable! and thanks for following me too! ^_^

  2. love your furr collar!



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