I wouldn't want to speculate!!

Being the awesome FREAK that I am :) I decided to start a new Blog. Its my private space to vent as well as express myself and ideas. 

I'm not one to make empty promises, so believe me when I say I will be updating as often as I can but, I'm really busy these days :( so it might not be as often as I want to but bear with me. 

On the plus side, I'm really happy these days.... I've got an amazing support group and I love them all.... I would mention names, but that will leave me here for donkey years. Now sitting in a library, about to start a 50 mark essay.. aren't you jealous :p (Hopefully, I will gain the courage to drop out soon enough)

I'm making my studded leather jacket and trusting my instinct, I believe its going to be soooooo amazing..  :p (just thought I should throw that in)

Pictures courtesy of Simi and Kokoma... 

Too-da-loo!-   Toodles -  Au Revoir-  Bye


  1. Love these pictures! Your blog is so cool, great vibe!!!


  2. those shoes in the last photo are amazing

  3. The shorts are gorgeous! Love your blog (:


  4. Nice pictures! I need to go to England to see what is happening over there when it comes to fashion. I have to plan a shopping trip there.


    Greeting from NY.

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  6. I freaking LOVE your fashionable life on the edge! You are not afraid to take risks and be looked at like an alien.....love it

    I do adore your blog but I'm a tad sad cos does this mean the end of Rugged Raspberries?



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